Something must be in the water that these Dancehall artistes are drinking because social media is buzzing with controversy these days.

It seems Dancehall entertainer Gage recently took jabs at 6ix Boss Squash and his former associate Jahvillani.

Gage posted a meme to his Instagram profile which read, “You coulda say 6 multiply by six 6000 time, nuh gyal nuh wah yuh.”

The post was accompanied by a lengthy caption, “From wah day a bay mean man a sing song bout dem Nuh affi have money fi get gal,” The “Gyal Fi Get Things” deejay wrote. “LADIES LISTEN A MEAN MAN STYLE DAT FIRST CLASS!!! THATS WHY SOME A DEM MUMA NUH KNOW DEM DADDY!!!MEAN LIL SH*T MY MOTHER DID MIX IT UP TO BUT A NUH ME THIS A TALK BOUT NOW ? AND YOU HAVE SOME IDIOT GAL A TALK BOUT DEM INDEPENDENT AS ME SONG START PLAY WELL DAT A YOUR F**K BUSINESS A JUST ONE TING ME GAGE A SAY JUST BET SEH MEEEEE F**K DAH GAL DEH FI HIMMMMM ? Oh an me naw diss nobody if you feel hurt suck you muma,” Gage added.

Dancehall artiste Gage

Its unclear if Gage’s rant was a personal attack or maybe he could just be getting some stuff off his chest and looking to spark some social media engagement, either way a few fans of Squash and Jahvillani wasn’t feeling his post and went HAM in the comments.

“Less f**kry chat n try continue with good music. Don’t diss 6ix cause the man them nah pay u nuh mind….u sound confused g.. do your thing n stop move feminine pon the gram with waste chat.,” one fan said. “Bredda watch how yah try style 6ix and Wileside eno or yah guh sorry member mi told yuh,” another added.