Blak Ryno

Dancehall entertainer Blak Ryno is not here for Masicka.

The Bike Back deejay took shots at Masicka recently while mourning the death of his close friend who shares the same name.

Blak Ryno said his fallen friend Masicka, was the only real person baring the new citing that anyone else is a p***y. “R.I.P masicka yuh memories na be forgotten youth The only masika weh mi know a bad boy …any other masicka a p***y,” he wrote.

Fans of the Genahsyde deejay quickly jumped in the comment sections to defend his honour. “Nyam out uh muma nuhbody member uh ? Uh dead like uh fren #1syde,” one fan wrote.

“Ryno yuh flap lil bwoy suh doh try flip ☠dead bwoy wid a dead career☠addi beatin stick😂😂😂,” another added. “A that you pick 🤔Absent fr the music class and a try a thing now, careful 🐊.”