Dalton Harris is still holding a grudge against his mother, Sylvia Campbell.

Campbell said she felt some type of way over the weekend after the X Factor UK winner visited the community he grew up in, Sanguinetti, North West Clarendon, and passed her on the road as if he didn’t see her.

Campbell added that she was brought to tears last week when Dalton returned to Jamaica on her birthday, Wednesday, April 3, and failed to give her a phone call.

“I heard that Dalton was coming on the Wednesday, and then on the Saturday somebody came and told me that Dalton was here in the community,” she told The Star. “I was so nervous and weak when I heard. Anyway, I go out the road and I was out there when the vehicle pass. I know it was him because them describe the vehicle to me, a burgundy van. And him just pass me.”

Sylvia Campbell said after watching Dalton’s recent Onstage TV interview she sent him a text message however he is yet to respond. “I have nothing against you. You are still my belly pain. I still remember the good times that we used to share,” the message read. “The other day when you passed I was so upset and I was still wishing that you would come by and see us. Whenever time you need me to talk to, I am ready.”

Despite the bad blood, Sylvia Campbell said she is hoping that the two will put their differences aside in the near future.