Dalton Harris is sending love and support to internet sensation Ladasha ‘Mackerel’ Francis following her Onstage TV interview.

The self-proclaimed ‘man thief’ shared the real and heartbreaking story about why she launched a career in “Tekking People Man” with Onstage TV on Saturday night.

“Mi did just want love me nah tell nobody no lie,” Mackerel, whose given name is Ladasha Francis told Winford Williams. “Mi just did want love and mi did a get it, me never have a mother who hug me and tell me when mi get up everyday say she did love me and them something deh,” she continued before crying and subsequently running off camera.

Dalton who also has issues with his mother, took to his Instagram story to send some love to Mackerel.

“Mackerel! Just saw your interview. I don’t know you but i know exactly where your heart resides,” The UK X Factor winner wrote.

He also sent Mackerel a heartfelt message which read, “You are important and loved by many. Me being one of them. Use that energy as strength and don’t ever turn [bitter]. “Manage your environment. You are not a prostitute. Do not let anyone belittle you because they think they can judge you or are better. We are all human beings. We start and end at the same place. I cannot send more love.”


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