Dalton Harris

Recording artiste Dalton Harris sent shockwaves on Thursday when he revealed that he contemplated taking his life.

The UK Factor winner said he had a change of heart after talking with God and he his new healing and free after ending a relationship.

“I had a deep realization last night. The only reason I didn’t take my life today (Thursday) is because I spoke with GOD and I decided to make the biggest change I will ever make in my life. I want to live my life not running away from pain inflicted on [email protected] the pain I inflict on anyone,” Harris wrote on Twitter.

“Today (Thursday) I am deciding to change my life. And live better. And sharing this is the first step because it was hard,” he shared.

“I want to be happy and truly smile. I ended a relationship that was the beat (best) thing that happened to me and that taught me so many things. Taught me that I am valuable and that I matter and deserve love. Thank you Ayose. I will love you forever,” he said in a follow-up Tweet.

“I want to experience live and be honest with myself and everyone around me in my intentions. Not hide or mask feelings and or flaws. Not judge myself. Not abuse myself and or anyone else. I am thankful for my family and everyone who is around me.”