Dalton Harris is doubling down on his support for Ladasha ‘Mackerel’ Francis.

On Tuesday, the UK X Factor winner defended his previous message to the internet sensation over the weekend following her Onstage TV interview.

In his second public service announcement, Dalton Harris also made it clear that he was not disrespecting Mackerel’s mother, “Me sending support to someone that everyone bullies and calls ugly and all these names. Call her prostitute and these things. This is not me disrespecting her mother because i don’t know her and would never do that,” he wrote.

Harris said he was simply sending love and support to Mackerel because social media users were only tearing her down. “This is what I use my platform to do. Empower and bring light to thing in hopes of changing it,” he continued.

“I said nothing about her mom because unlike a lot of you negative people out there i am not gullible, [nor] will i judge anyone either.”

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#DaltonHarris continues to send love to #Mackerel and doubles down or previous statement ❤️?

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