Corey Todd’s wife Shemara Todd has broken her silence following an attempt on her life by gunmen, while also detailing her robbery by passersby.

Shemara, who is the wife of popular businessman and entertainment mogul Corey Todd, has broken her silence following an attack on her life by gunmen in Washington Boulevard, St Andrew.

Todd took to Instagram last week to detail her horrific experience after being shot multiple times by gunmen and subsequently crashing into a nearby community.

According to the businesswoman, the first set of people that came running to her actually robbed her, taking large amounts of cash and jewellery from her person while she was there bleeding to death.

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She reveals that only one “good samaritan” actually came to her assistance and had to beg for a vehicle to transport her to hospital.

“I was BLEEDING to death and they chose to ROB me. I was BEGGING for HELP and they chose to ROB me. they didn’t know who I was at the time either, it was just first nature of them to ROB me,” she posted.

The Taboo nightclub owner’s outburst seemingly stems from persons contacting her after the incident claiming to have been injured in the subsequent car crash.

Back in August Todd was shot and injured by two gunmen on motorcycles who were seemingly awaiting her along a section of the Washington Boulevard highway.