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Former Alkaline affiliate Kasanova is still missing almost a week after his disappearance. 

The Constabulary Communications Unit (CCU), say the upcoming Dancehall entertainer has still not been found several days after he was reported missing by his mother.

According to the artist’s manager and friend, Sheldon Lincoln aka Jay Bad, he is very concerned as it is quite unlike the entertainer to disappear without communicating with friends or family.

Dancehall Artist Reportedly Missing After Suicidal Post On Instagram

Concerns were raised over the the entertainer’s safety after he posted a troubling message on his Instagram account saying that “it will all end soon. Rather die a free man than live in bondage.”

Kasanova is best known for being a former affiliate of Dancehall superstar Alkaline, and allegedly wrote a number of his popular hits including 1,2,3, Gone Away and Things Mi Love. However the two later split due to creative and personal differences.