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Chronixx has called on his fellow Jamaican acts to put out more positive music.

According to the Reggae crooner, he feels music has a significant impact on the minds and behaviour of youths in society today.

The Grammy-nominated singer voiced his concern during a live performance at the Kingston leg of his Chronology Caribbean tour, which was staged at Mas camp earlier this month.

Throughout his thrilling performance, the “Skanking Sweet” singer took various opportunities to call on his fellow musicians to assume better responsibility for their musical content, highlighting the current crime wave gripping the island.

The “Likes” took several swipes at entertainers who he says continue to promote gun touting lyrics while their black brothers and sisters continue to die daily through acts of violence.

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According to Chronixx, there is far too much negativity being displayed in Jamaica, and entertainers should realize how they feed this beast with the lyrics they promote.

The Reggae superstar also pleaded with his fans to seek alternative routes from the negative lifestyles, saying that ” You need to come out of the whole vibe of desperation. You are never desperate, you were never poor, you were never a thief, you were never a murderer, you were a pure soul. The purest thing that you can imagine, that’s what you are.”