Chronic Law via Instagram

Who knew Chronic Law had such a strong clap-back game?

One fan is now licking their wounds after trying to troll the “Sport Mode” deejay over his weight on Instagram.

The hilarious interaction took place after posted a photo declaring, “Mi Nor Mi Bank Book Naa Plan Fi Lose Weight 😒 #WeGood.”

The post attracted thousands of reactions from fans, but one, in particular, caught the deejay’s eye.

“Lose some weight my nigga,” one fan cheekily replied. The comment did not go unchecked as Chronic Law promptly clapped back, “fi plz who ? All mi see pon yuh profile is a bad colour tongue and a unknown front.. Lose some doubt and post yuh face.”

The hilarious clap-back drew dozens of reactions who mercilessly trolled the user in the comments.

“This ya man full a too much lyrics fi try diss him…….yuh mad‼️” one fan laughed. Meanwhile, another joked that “😂😂😂😂 delete that comment , me hurt and anu me !!!”

The laughs would continue throughout the comments with a few fans criticizing the overall practice of trolling celebrities. “Why people gwaan like celebrities nuh have feelings?” one fan questioned.