A video circulating on social media depicting child pornography is from Trinidad and Tobago.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force confirmed on Thursday that The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service are on the hunt for the suspect who has been on the run.

A woman of a Diego Martin address in the twin island republic reported the matter to The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service indicating that it was her granddaughter in the recording.

She told TTPS that her family only became aware when neighbours brought the disturbing clip to their attention.

According to reports, neighbours also realised who the suspect was and he was severely beaten in an attempt to restrain him for police. However, during the confrontation, the man escaped.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force are imploring members of the public to desist from sharing this video as this action constitutes an offence under the Child Pornography (Prevention) Act and the Cyber Crimes Act.

Members of the public were also urged to delete the video and any other related images in their possession.