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Diamond-selling recording artist Charly Black is opening up about the video he uploaded which shows a toddler on stage with him dancing to his ‘Bike Back’ single.

The ‘Gyal Yuh A Party Animal’ deejay came under heavy criticism from Jamaicans after he posted the clip on his Instagram account over the weekend

In the clip which has since racked up over 21,000 views and 300 comments on his profile, a little girl who appears to be no older than ten years old, can be seen bending her knees and sinking in her back as instructed by Charly, before twerking to the song.

Following the backlash from social media users, Charly Black is now apologising to his fans. “I want to apologise to anybody out there that the video may have offended. Maybe the song was inappropriate,” he said. “But the child wasn’t dancing on nobody. She was at a children’s treat enjoying herself. If you watch the video, as soon as I saw what the child was doing, I took her off stage.”

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Charly also sought to address the persons leaving hateful comments on his Instagram account saying they only dwell in negativity as no one lauded him for hosting two back to school treats in his parish.

He says he’ll deleting the video however added that artists are always used as the scapegoat in these situations when there’s a bigger issue at hand because he didn’t teach her these adult moves.