Buju Banton

The Charities Authority has defended its decision to deny registration to Buju Banton’s foundation.

The organization has hit back following heavy criticism over its decision to deny Buju’s charity foundation.

In a recent Television Jamaica interview, Erroll Gallimore, Head of the Department of Co-operatives and Friendly Societies (DCFS), Charities Authority, explained why.

“We are of the opinion that he has not satisfied these particular criteria to be fit and proper,” he explained.

“We are concerned whether or not having Mr Myrie on the board of a Foundation would be in keeping with maintaining and protecting the public trust and confidence in charitable organisations, given the public knowledge of his conviction. So we don’t feel he has met that particular criteria.”

During the interview, Gallimore would further go on to explain what they deemed to be “fit and proper.”

“It basically requires that the person should not be convicted of an offense involving dishonesty,” he said. He then added that applicants should be, “a person of sound probity and is able to exercise competence, diligence and sound judgment in fulfilling the responsibilities of a charitable organisation’s functions.”

“So we ensure that it fits within the four corners of the law, and it has nothing to do with any personality, or who the person are. It’s a matter of satisfying the criteria,” he said.

However, Gallimore was keen to point out that there were other steps the Reggae superstar could take.

“In this particular reference case, one of the options which is available to anybody who is refused, is for the person to be replaced,” Gallimore explained.

Buju Banton recently made headlines after he called out the organization on social media. The singer blasted the decision saying “I BET I am way more honest than all of these fools put together????”