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The undercover video evidence which lead to the conviction of Buju Banton has been released just seven months ahead of his release.

The warehouse video was played during Banton’s trial and then sealed by the court indefinitely. U.S. officials objected to its release because it contained images of an undercover detective and a confidential informant, but after arguing in a letter to the court that the public had a right to see the video, ABC News persuaded a judge to unseal it.

Here’s Why Buju Banton Could Be Banned From Trinidad & Tobago

The tape which is dated December 8, 2009 shows the “Wanna Be Loved” singer tasting what appears to be a pinch of cocaine. Banton can be seen taking a lick of a dab of the illicit drug from his finger, then saying ‘I like it’.

Buju Banton, whose given name Mark Myrie, is being held at the McRae Correctional Facility in Georgia. He is slated to be released on December 8 and deported to Jamaica.