Buju Banton recently appeared on the The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where he performed ‘The World Is Changing’.

The Grammy-winning entertainer, real name Mark Myrie recently served ten years in prison due to drug charges. He was recently featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, not only that he also appeared on Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show.

Buju Banton performed ‘The World is Changing’, a track from Upside Down 2020 after appearing as Fallon’s musical guest. The track was easier for American fans and newbies to understand, with a more melodic beat, the track comes with a very strong anti-political message and practically sums up how he feels about current events. The performance closes with a display of the fauna that Jamaica is well known for.

Fans loved his performance and shared their feelings on twitter, “Buju Banton, Excellent Song for our World right now, Great performance FireFireFire,” one stated, “Always a pleasure watching you perform! You represented well bujuu banton,” another commented, “@bujubanton is the greatest!!!” a fan noted.

Buju Banton recently shared that he is truly about helping the poor and educating the masses. He announced that he established a scholarship in honour of his mother Murdine Clarke. The scholarship, named the Murdine Clarke Scholarship, was set up at his alma mater Denham Town High School. He added that the scholarship will be awarded to financially challenged boys at the school who persevere in pursuing their education in spite of poverty that they face.