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Bounty Killer’s 19-year-old son Major Myjah has revealed that he is working on R&B singer Chris Brown’s upcoming album.

During his candid interview with Onstage TV’s Winford Williams, Myjah spoke about his musical career and working with Chris Brown.

“Basically I was writing in a couple rooms and my guys ask me if I want to start working on Chris Brown’s project,” he said.

“So I wrote a bunch of songs we were in the studio for about a week just working. One of my guys 2 Guns went out to L.A. and played the records for Chris and he loved them. So I just heard that I got the title track and two more songs on the album,” he added.

The singer/songwriter/producer says that he is not trying to celebrate the success too soon but still sees it as a great achievement. “It’s never done until it’s done but I think it’s a dope achievement it’s a great place to be,” he added.

Watch the interview below.