Spoiler alert! Bounty Killer said he won’t be creating an OnlyFans account.

The Dancehall veteran spoke on the growing number of local entertainers including Ishawna, D’Angel and Macka Diamond joining the  subscription-based platform earlier this week.

With millions to be made, OnlyFans has been used by women as they sell favors such as naked photos or videos, worn underwear, and even fetish favors like photos of their feet or other body parts and sexy conversations.

However Bounty Killer is not here for it as he believes the platform is similar to doing porn, after Spice explained the site to him during their interview.

“The fans want see people naked? So I don’t understand? So mi can make a Only Pan-Only Fans and show yuh mi clothes from 93’ and make a museum and show you wha mi wear?…the fans don’t want to hear music again,” he said. “They don’t want to see your talent? They wana see you naked? That’s a porn business and that’s not good. So if a naked thing the fans interested in then porn, a nasty fans and nasty people dat.”

“Alright be careful of the type a fans yuh have. wi nuh follow fans, because the fans nuh have the right objective,” he cautioned other artistes who are led by fans and later have to face undesirable consequences, “artiste once twice a person, yuh na be artiste for the rest a yuh life, yuh affi go live back with you. Mi affi live with Bounty after Rodney…Rodney is the man, Bounty is the job, so the job can’t mash up the man,” Killer added.