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Bounty Killer is blasting Jamaicans living overseas who are sending guns back to the country.

The Veteran Dancehall artist took to social media last week following the circulating of guns and rounds of ammunition that were seized at the Barbados Wharf last warning Jamaicans sending weapons back home.

“Found at the Wharf in Barbados but i just want to say to all those wicked evil Jamaicans who is living overseas working or hustling money to buy Guns send to Jamaica unuh bl***dclaath end ago bitter,” Bounty wrote.

Tommy Lee Sparta Blasts Criminals, Wants Crime & Violence To End

“How much youths are here in need of food clothes shelter and schooling but this is what unuh contributing to future of Jamaica suck out unuh Dutty mumma and puppa and go chuck inna unuh stinking grave batty gal or boy bcuz I wonder who tell unuh that it’s not gonna reach fi unuh door too I care zero.”

“Unuh same one messing up the country and blaming politicians when unuh are way worser than the politicians bcuz it’s not fi dem mother father sister brother auntie cousin niece nephew or friends it’s affecting is we same ghetto ppl but I got to realize today that ghetto ppl are there own biggest enemy t unuh better be wise and know how to survive in this time GHETTO YOUTHS GET UP AND GET OUT MI DONE CHAT YO!!,” he added.

Jamaica has been dealing with a serious crime issue for the last few years, in 2016 1,094 were killed in Jamaica by the use of guns. Since the start of the year several artists such as Konshens, Aidonia and Tommy Lee Sparta have been using their platform to speak out against crime and violence.