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Bounty Killer is once again pleading with the United States embassy to reinstate his visa and work permit.

The veteran Dancehall artiste’s travel documents were revoked back in 2010 and according to him it is affecting his career and the charity work he wants to do in Jamaica.

On Monday, the ‘Warlord’ stressed that when an artiste is unable to travel to perform and meet their fans it drastically slows down their careers.

Beenie Man Reacts To Bounty Killer Donating Beds To Hospitals

Eight years later, Killer says he is still being denied the opportunity to travel to the United States and feels it’s a personal attack on his career, “I have never been convicted of a crime so I think it’s a personal fight against me. I see people with severe case who get convicted and get a visa. So it’s just a personal attack on me. Dem just don’t want Bounty, but I am who I am and me can’t change,” he said.

Killer who donated 63 beds to the Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee hospitals through his Bounty Foundation earlier this week added that he wants to do more for the country however the lack of his US visa is restricting his ability to do more.