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Bounty Killer already isn’t having a great 2018.

The Dancehall veteran secured the biggest lapse in his career earlier this week while performing his smash hit single ‘Man A Bad Man (Nuh Friend Fish).’

Killer, real name Rodney Price, started the set with his usual rant, “All addi real gangta dem whull out… cause wi nah follow nuh boy weh a buss nuh bow gun,” he told the audience before making a major error when he seemingly echoed, “Tell dem, man a bow!.”

Price stopped mid-performance, “Yo Pull Up!,” he said. Killer’s statements have since launched a heated debate on social media as many are trolling the ‘War Lord.’

Bounty Killer Fires Shots At Bad Gyal DyDy

“Dat happen wen u chat to much.. ???? more while yah fi leave certain things alone ????,” one social media users wrote, while another added, “Fi a man weh chat so much bout people him nuh fi a mek dem mistake deh ???.”

However Bounty Killer fans are hitting back claiming he said, “Bun A Bow.” Watch Video Below.