Washington, DC – April 17, 2020) The legendary Edley Shine, formerly of Born Jamericans, has proven that he boasts a timeless touch and innate ability to wow generations of fans with his infectious brand of Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop music.

True to form, the powerhouse artist returns with the ultimate feel good single and video “Babylon Breeze.”  The nostalgic, yet timely “Babylon Breeze,” is set to leave an indelible mark on listening audiences far and wide.

“Babylon Breeze” is a delightful prelude to Edley Shine’s long awaited “Based on Talent” EP — his first solo project in 20 years. Edley Shine’s “Babylon Breeze” transcends music boundaries and genres. Fans are set for a musical treat, as “Babylon Breeze” ingeniously fuses a 50’s standard style with a modern Reggae Dancehall flow.

When asked about “Babylon Breeze” Edley declares, “‘Babylon Breeze’ is a trailblazing song with a ‘Caribbean Motown’ vibe. It breaks the mold of the recycled trap Dancehall sound of late and is the type of music we need in these times….definitely a song that elevates and inspires listeners as soon as the melody drops.”

And if your wondering where the clever song title comes from, with a smile, Edley Shine says, “In the Jamaican community, ‘Babylon Breeze’ is the air conditioner, aka a man made source of cool air. Jah know, the term just stuck with me and when I thought about the nature of the song and the craving for a cool breeze in summer, “Babylon Breeze” was perfect!”

Produced by young producer Roe Summerz, a mastermind behind hits for Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee, “Babylon Breeze” has got next! Adding to the fun mature sound of “Babylon Breeze” is Edley’s seamless expansion into an invigorating artistic space, which sees the artist both singing and deejaying on the single he also describes as “hard hitting, stand out and massive.” With beautiful Jamaica as a backdrop, the “Babylon Breeze” video boasts picturesque scenery and island vibes. 

As Edley Shine continues his legacy in 2020, “Babylon Breeze” is just a sample of what he has under his belt.The Baritone lyricist, who rose to fame as 1/2 of legendary duo Born Jamericans, has also amassed the attention of the Cali Roots scene, winning over the ears and stages of top bands and fans alike.

Introduced to the scene by Cali Roots blogger and power player Mike Patti, Edley Shine teamed up with Orlando based Reggae/Rock Band Kash’d Out for their “Weed Man” single and video from their “Undercover” album. In February 2020, Edley Shine joined Cali Roots giants Pepper and Kash’d Out for a performance on the DC leg of their “Step To The Local Motion Tour.”

“The vibes and energy were surreal,” says Edley Shine. “Quite humbling to hear the bands’ admiration and respect for my music and career.” The artistic wheels are in motion with some collabos in the works. Pay attention because good music “cyaan dun” (can’t finish).

Watch/Listen to Babylon Breeze: