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Bob Marley’s 73rd birthday celebration at the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston was reportedly cut short by law enforcement officers on Tuesday.

February 6 marks the birthday of the King of Reggae. Among the days activities is an annual event held at the “Redemption Song” hitmaker’s former home at 56 Hope Road, Kingston.

This year’s staging featured several Reggae and Dancehall entertainers including Bob’s sons Stephen Marley, Damian Marley and grandson Skip Marley.

According to Bob Marley’s granddaughter, Donisha Prendergast, the event was in full swing when cops pulled the plug on the celebrations just moments before 12 o’clock.

Prendergast who is the daughter of Sharon Marley, took to social media to uploaded a video blasting the Jamaican government stating that four decades later Marley can’t sing his freedom songs.

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“We Give Thanks for the gathering of souls from all around the world on Grandpa’s Earthday,” she wrote. “So much light and positive vibrations. But tonight also showed me that the government of Jamaica has so much more to learn about how to truly respect and honour Reggae music and the legacy it has created that Jamaica has inherited. If there is one day in the year when Reggae music should be shared without reservation and without a time limit is Feb 6.”

“Tonight @andrewholnessjm @hon.oliviagrange, we witnessed the police turn off the music so it wouldn’t disturb the neighbours,” Prendergast continues. “Decades later and we still can’t sing our redemption song freely. The hearts of many were broken tonight because of an oversight of our culture and a lack of protection of our sacred space. Brand Jamaica will continue to fly our colours, use our language, brand our image and identity, play the songs from my Grandfather’s rebellious catalogue in all inclusive hotels on the coast with beaches that exclude people who can’t afford the US rates for a night of luxury. A media house asked me what I thought about all the violence happening in Jamaica and if I thought Bob Marley should be a National Hero… Lol. I think it’s evident what these post colonial governance systems think of Reggae and Bob Marley. Reggae frees the people with music, but the music can’t be free. #somuchtrouble Find a way to make it work. The world is watching.”

Watch Video Below.