Blak Ryno has sought to address mental illness claims and revealed that a hit was placed on his last year.

“Me have a short matter weh me want address. Me jus see a video weh Paul Platinum Kids post. Of course, me offended because whatever it is, mi approach you privately in a yo DM fi sort out di matter, because eventually mi don’t even approach you no rude way; mi ask you one question because things a gwaan weh mi naw talk, and the public no know. And mi naw try bring it publicly either,” the Former Gaza Empire deejay said in a video uploaded to his Instagram account.

“But now since as you a go tell di public say mi crazy and mi have mental illness and all dese tings, N***a mi no mentally ill enuh; mi no mentally ill. Is jus di whole music industry a been playing games paa mi ova along, an mi no wrong fi know mi worth,” he said.

The “Bike Back” deejay then said he was made aware of being on a hit-list last year after his intended killer called him before his trip to Miami.

“Yes, mi get a phone call last year say money pay pon mi head and di n***a weh call mi, call mi a cry eyewater, tears a drop. And di n***a say him get di money and mash up and him no know weh fi do because him neva know say a me fi drop until him get di money.”

Watch Blak Ryno’s video below.


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