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Dancehall artist Blak Ryno has seemingly traded the microphone for the bright lights of the camera.

The former Portmore Empire artist, who has relocated to the United States, is set to take up acting after he landed a recurring role in a popular New York based YouTube series titled ‘Judas Kiss.

The “Mi Feel A Way” deejay was recruited to appear in season two of the YouTube series, which is reportedly very popular among viewers across the Jamaican diaspora.

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Ryno is set to play the role of a gangster character called ‘Blaks,’ who he says was he was able to adequately portray thanks to his years expressing himself through music and his performance skills.

According to the deejay he is really grateful for the opportunity, as it presents him with his first experience with working on the production of a film.

Ryno is set to return for season 3 of the series, which producers say will also feature multiple guest appearances.