Blak Ryno’s life has been placed under a microscope over the last few days.

First Dancehall fans accused him of being the mastermind behind his latest death rumours. Critics later took aim at the former Portmore Empire/Gaza member’s new hairstyle questioning if he got it relaxed.

Blak Ryno new hairstyle

In a post uploaded to social media on Sunday, Blak Ryno explained that his hair is all natural and he just did a blowout. “Mi hair nuh perm nuh cream to mi hair ???? a long time mi a blow dry mi hair then platup but ano everytime me run go braid as it as mi wash it . #wahmidowrong. Perm and blow dry a two different thing,” the deejay wrote.

Blak Ryno is currently promoting his new tracks “Psalm 35” and “Rumours.”