Blak Ryno is hitting back at Dancehall critics who are alleging that he started his own death rumours as a publicity stunt.

The former Portmore Empire/Gaza deejay made headlines last week after members of his camp told the media that he was involved in a motor vehicle accident in New York.

There were also reports that the “Bike Back” deejay had died, however it later turned out to be all fake news and now Dancehall fans believe Blak Ryno was the mastermind behind the rumours.

On Sunday, Blak Ryno refuted the claims saying there is no proof the he was behind the rumours. The entertainer also said that if he was clout chasing he would’ve took all the media interviews.

“If I was Spreading death rumors on myself why haven’t I take all the interviews that came,” he wrote while listening the local media companies that reached out to him. “I would have taken the interview if I was chasing clout!!! Kmt. STILL A WAIT PON THE PROOf.”