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Dancehall fans are furious at Blak Ryno over his alleged publicity stunt.

The former Portmore Empire/Gaza deejay made headlines last week after members of his camp told the media that he was involved in a motor vehicle accident in New York.

There were also reports that the “Bike Back” deejay had died, however it later turned out to be all fake news and now Dancehall fans believe Blak Ryno was the mastermind behind the rumours.

Blak Ryno waited four days after the rumours started to circulate to deny the claims in a video uploaded to his IG account.

Dancehall insiders are saying they believe to was all a publicity stunt to promote his new single “Psalm 35” which is produced by MBR Records. “Dem wan mi fi dead, fall out / Mi nuh plan fi give up weh dem a talk about? / Man have priorities fi sort out / Mama fi happy mi nuh plan fi see she bawl out,” Ryno sings in the track.

However fans aren’t here for the song and are even threatening to boycott all the deejay’s music, “Blak Ryno you are a real waste man you did this stunt to promote deh chune yah and mi nah feel you after you do that,” one fan wrote.

“It all makes sense now, i knew a song would follow the f**kery that he did this week but mi nah listen to it he’s a liar, all his words are lie,” another added.


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