Blak Ryno

Dancehall artiste Blak Ryno had to address the criticism of him glorifying gun violence in his music after recent shooting.

Blak Ryno, real name Romaine Anderson, posted to Instagram on Saturday (August 8), urging Jamaicans to do better, “Tell Jamaica everybody can’t bad we dont need so much shooters, what happen to other professions? Nothing not wrong with being defensive, but being destructive towards human life unreasonable is not appreciated,” he wrote.

“How we gonna learn when unu the shooters start kill teachers,” Ryno added to stress the importance of one’s life. “People from all parts of the world have visit our island to experience the culture, let’s keep it, cherish it and capitalize on our culture not destroy it. Viewing from the outskirts of Jamaica the violence is destroying everything we made the world love.” He added capitalizing the importance of preserving our culture rather than destroying it.

However a fan commented saying, “I been hearing gun lyrics since childhood, but never chose it, my intentions weren’t violence even tho I was around it.”

“That goes for the rest of the artist too. That is the first step in tearing down a culture you helped create,” another fan commented.

The former GAZA deejay immediately addressed the criticism “Dont tell me no fuckery, stop watching action movies, music has nothing to do with a man actions, everyman have a mind of them own.” he noted and would then continued “Stop listen music cause seems like u forget what dancehall derive from ‘hardcore lyrics’ poverty is the cause of violence,” he said.

In a recent caption the artiste teased his new single titled Murda Murda which he captioned, “Music is art”.