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Bill Cosby has reportedly gone completely blind after suffering from a degenerative eye condition.
According to reports, the 79-year-old comedian is confined to his Pennsylvania home and living “in his own personal hell”, with only his wife Camille for support, as he prepares to face trial over allegations of sexual assault.
Cosby was witnessed requiring the use of a cane and guidance from an associate as he arrived for a preliminary hearing earlier this month.
The embattled comedian also made claims late last year during a defamation suit that he was “legally and functionally blind”.
Sources say the former TV star is suffering from keratoconus, a condition that cause the cornea to bulge.
Cosby has been ordered to stand trial on three counts of aggravated indecent assault relating an alleged incident in 2004 involving Andrea Constand, who claims he drugged and assaulted her.

He has denied Constand’s allegations and insists that the sexual contact between them had been consensual.