Dancehall veteran Beenie Man says he is happy with his relationship with media personality, politician, Krystal Tomlinson.

“Me inna great relationship, magnificent relationship. Roll over, foot up inna air relationship, happiness relationship,” the Doc told popular YouTube blogger Teach Dem during a recent interview.

Beenie Man revealed that he met Krystal at RJR Communications Group at the time, which had booked him for a show in Negril. At the afterparty, he said the two simply clicked, and the rest was history.

Beenie and Tomlinson are engaged, and they shared a two-year-old daughter, Xiah. “We out to get married,” the singer said.

Responding to Beenie Man’s interview, the PNP Youth Organisation (PNPYO) President joking questioned, “But how mi inside joke reach outside!? 🤣.”

“Babe @kingbeenieman me nah buy no more white rice and it’s final! Flat belly business we a deal wid. 😭. But seriously, our disagreements are so rare and so #MomandPop. At this point I don’t even grumble about the toilet seat being up. Is this normal for everyone else?”

“Our most heated conversation last month was that he kept missing his @thefaceplaceja mani-pedi appointment.🥴,” she continued.