Beenie Man via Instagram

Beenie Man has finally entered the realm of technology with his first personal smartphone.

The Dancehall superstar was notorious for being one of the only entertainers without a mobile phone. For years the star was only accessible through his management or via his brother Rohan ‘Blue’ Smith.

The fun fact was revealed During a recent video shoot with Popcaan for their new collaboration “Fun In The Sun.”

“Uncle Moses have phone now yere, public service announcement,” Popcaan announced during a snap with Beenie Man and his daughter Desha Ravers.

Since the announcement numerous fans have expressed curiosity about the device, with many asking to see it. However, it seems Beenie Man is not ready to let the cat out the bag, teasing that it would remain a secret.

“Everybody waan see I phone. Is ‘iPhone’, not fi unno phone. Why unno waan see I phone?” Beenie Man asked in his Insta Story.

Meanwhile, Beenie Man already seems to be getting used to his new device as he has dropped several new photos to Instagram.

“Mi daughter deh yah a war bout one picture weh she see pon mi phone zeen, cause mi newly buy a phone zeen, bout yesterday zeen,” he said. “Weh yuh nuh war bout after the fact cause we call her and tell her the picture a tek and yuh supposed to deh deh. You know when she reach? When the picture done tek.”