Beenie Man has confirmed that he and longtime partner Krystal Tomlinson have officially called it quits.

The Dancehall took to Twitter to post a video confirming the split from his partner of over five years.

In the clip, captioned “Moving forward”, Beenie is seen chatting with two other men before casually updating fans on his relationship status.

“Krystal Tomlinson and Moses Davis… we are apart… we are not together anymore,” he said.

“It is not because of any bad vibes or any disrespect,” Beenie explained, adding that “People just grow apart and life change, that’s it. Me free and single and disengaged… she free and single and ready to engage.”

The deejay then casually restarts the conversation with the two other men before the video ends.

Earlier today fans were left shocked as Krystal took to Instagram announcing that they had officially called it splits.

She made the big announcement via a touching poem on Instagram. According to Tomlinson, there is no animosity between them, claiming they just simply grew apart.

“Five Years and folding. Part of growth is knowing when things have come to an end. Knowing not to force it. Knowing to let it be. Leaving while there is love and not waiting until it is dry, empty and full of animosity,” she wrote”

She continued saying, “Knowing to choose peace and trusting that all things work together for our good. I’ve remained silent for a while on this question not to keep a secret but to get clear, certain and centred.”

The former couple were together for five years and share a two-year-old daughter, Xiah.