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Apple has been granted a patent which could potentially prevent its users from recording video footage or taking photographs at concerts or museums.

Recording artistes have long tried to discourage the use of cell phones to record at their concerts, but this could now become a enforced reality.

The technology is described as having the potential to detect infrared signals and disable your phone camera in specific areas.

However, concerns have been raised bout the implementation of such technology. Some have cited that this technology could prove devastating in the wrong hands, such as being used to stop recordings of police brutality.

Consumers also expressed concerns that they should be able to use their phones as they please, as is their property.

Apple has yet to comment on the acquired patent, but there remains no guarantee that they intend to implement the technology into any of its software.

The company is renown for its rigid personal privacy, so it may be a case of acquiring the patent to prevent others from utilizing the technology.

Apple files thousands of patents yearly which it doesn’t act on.