Controversial social media personality/recording artiste Amari is making a huge comparison.

According to the ex-fiancée she is now the Jamaican Beyonce of Dancehall.

Amari who also goes by the moniker DJ Mona-Lisa made the announcement last week as she continues to promote her new Gully Bop diss track “Where Is Bop”.

Earlier this month, Amari opened up about the single which takes aim at the “Wuk Affi Mi” deejay.

In the catchy single, Amari exposed Bop claiming he “eats meat”, she also shared that the controversial entertainer is living in his car and pointed to the fact that he still has no teeth.

Gully Bop Reacts To Amari’s “Where Is Bop” Music Video

However according to Amari, she originally wanted to profess her love for Gully Bop in the song, but was forced to change the lyrics after he insulted her during a recent Facebook Live video.

Despite their current differences, Amari says she is willing to fight for Bop who she claims is the love of her life. “We were musical partners. [He was] my fiancé and the person who truly discovered me. He was my soulmate, and I need him back in my life. If it doesn’t happen in this life, when we die, I hope we will reconcile,” she said.

She also trashed his current relationship and alleged marriage saying she believes its all fake.

Is #Amari the #Jamaican #Beyonce? ?

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