Alkaline is now steadily averaging one single per month as the Dancehall artiste returned on Friday to create a ‘Total Murda’.

“Dem know wah good fi dem, dem gwaan a dem bed,” the Vendetta deejay warns in this latest offering.

The gritty single is produced by SartOut and Autobamb Records, and sees the Vendetta deejay showing off his gangster ways to his multiple enemies.

“Start piss up himself wah di raass, bwoii calm / Ya go learn today seh never try fi diss a icon / I never know a Gilbert, I know a Ivan / But a nuh comparison dem shot ya blow high storm,” Alkaline deejays in the second verse of ‘Total Murda’.

“Know wah you a do cah we never tek talk / Run inna di yard and go buss a head fast / Total murda / Push ee crime further / Yeah we love killing and we love extort / And we do the badness weh straight from we heart (mpwah mpwah mpwah) / Murda yuh bloodc****t,” he sings in the hook.

Total Murda is currently trending at number one in Jamaica on YouTube, Alkaline says the official music video will be coming soon.

Listen Alkaline ‘Total Murda’ below.