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Alkaline has finally given up the controversial practice of skin bleaching.

The Dancehall superstar reportedly stopped bleaching for a few months and is now embracing his natural complexion, sources close to the “Sauve” deejay tells The Tropixs.

Alkaline used the bleaching practice along with his infamous alleged tattooed eyeballs as props to launch his Dancehall career back in 2009. In a recent video of the Vendetta deejay uploaded on Instagram, Alkaline can be seen with a noticeably darker tone and his fans are loving it.

“Black man, one don! keep it up and embrace the real you i love it,” one fan wrote. While others speculate if this is just another transition for another controversial look, “Dark skin again??? What’s next, Arab???”

Dancehall artist Gage also dropped the bleaching practice earlier this year, according to the “Throat” deejay, his decision was a easy one, as it was never actually his idea in the first place. He claims the move was merely a marketing ploy encouraged by his former management team.

Gage claimed he was encouraged to bleach his skin in an effort to create a more marketable Dancehall image, however since changing representation he feels it is time to implement his own ideas.