‘Soca Queen’ Alison Hinds teams up with Nikita and release new music for Crop Over 2016.

This song is about life. It’s about appreciation for those who have paved the foundation and those who will carry the fire forward. It celebrates achievement and greatness for all of us, from every age. It’s not just Alison the Queen embracing the young princess of Soca, it’s about all of us embracing and supporting each other. Every mother and daughter, every father and son, every grandparent and grandchild, everyone! Let’s live as one and celebrate life together. This is true Royalty and every dj on every corner start representing Royalty!

Written By: Dale Ryan, Kit Israel, Roger Mathews & Emmanuel Rudder, Kevin “Daddy Bubbles” Marshall and Richard Haynes. It was A Studio B Production

Listen Below.