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Aidonia’s wife Kimberly Megan is shutting down social media users who aren’t here for her recent boob job.

Kimberly showed off her new racks Sunday on Instagram when she uploaded a banging selfie after getting breast implant surgery earlier this month however she has been getting mixed reactions from her followers online.

While many lauded her new boobs, others called her out for now becoming another ‘plastic dolly.’

Aidonia’s Wife Kimberly Megan Breaks Internet With Boob Job

“She’s not natural anymore,” one user wrote haffi follow all the gyal dem and guh do up har body. so disappointed!”

Kimberly quickly clapped back saying “shut the f**k up dummy.” In another response she added that the user was probably upset because they wanted to do a surgery but couldn’t afford it.

According to sources, Kimberly and Aidonia are both loving her new boobs and she’s prepared for the backlash.

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