Aidonia and Govana rolls their latest collaboration ‘Yeah Man’.

Govana goes head-to-head with his former mentor Aidonia to deliver this hot new collaboration produced by Redboom Supamix.

Yeah Man quickly accumulated 100,000 views within 3 hours of its official release. The views are now close to 300,000 with the track trending at No.3 on YouTube.

Govana intros the track, “Mi change mi name and change the game,” he then goes on to say, “full a flow and full a style like Baby Wayne.” hyping himself up. “Mi use mi rifle clear the main and clap e’ shoulder nearly sprain but bare di pain. Wave e’ K pan e’ nozzle, crazy flame dat a smoke like Craven’A. Strike force clear di way yeah man,” he says expressing his gangster ways.

Aidona enters the track with lyrics like, “Yeah Man thief mi style n den dem deven shake mi hand yeah man. Rise e’ K di hand clap it, dem hear mi slam make it jump like Capleton, you nah fi ask dem – fear di don yeah man/ Rifle Arabian, mi should brace e pon/ Hand clap it fast it nearly jam pow ow Baby Cham yeah man/ You know how ops guh, put a duppy pon di Astro. Di game change from main change to Govana from ‘Ablo.”

Watch the music video for Yeah Man below