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Agent Sasco has offered his input on the growing school of thought that Dancehall music has over the years become too one dimensional and as a result suffering a continued decline in relevance.

According to the veteran deejay, who has been in the business for over 17 years, there is some truth to the argument presented by critics of the genre, as Dancehall has become too “One dimensional” and lacking in balance.

The “Idiot Thing” deejay claims that current entertainers are limiting themselves to only a few particular topics in Dancehall culture, including sex, guns and dance. A trend which leaves the genre sounding very repetitive and lacking creativity.

Dancehall Artists Give Back To Their Community

Agent Sasco however, was quick to point out that he does necessarily place all the blame on the current crop of Dancehall artists, as he believes they are heavily influenced by the success of their predecessors. and will try to emulate what they think worked for their peers to gain

According to Sasco, over the years Dancehall artists have always continually tried to emulate the success of their predecessors, and as a result, utilize similar tactics and lyrical content to gain attention. So he feels the problem is actually breaking an ongoing cycle as opposed to blaming a particular generation.

The deejay went on to point out that in order for the genre to move forward a generation has to collectively make a decision to be the change and take more responsibility for the culture.