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Hubert Evans, an 87-year-old Jamaican man, has proved that you’re never too old to learn after graduating from the Medger Evers College in New York with a Bachelor’s Degree.

The Kingston born man who is the father of seven, grandfather to 11, and great-grandfather of five achieved the incredible feat while working a full time job at Brooklyn College.

Evans became the oldest degree recipient in the CUNY system for 2016.

“It didn’t take me much for the associates, but when I started for the full Bachelors, then I had to really work hard,” Evans said.

His biggest challenge turned out to be American history, which he said was not exactly a big part of the curriculum in Jamaica, but got through it with the motivation of his professors.

His achievements were described as a true ‘inspiration’ by the president of Medger Evers College.

Evans, although unsure of his next move revealed that he doesn’t plan to stop learning, “I’m steadying my nerves first and then we’ll find out.”