Vybz Kartel’s cousin Sikka Rhymes believes he is being targeted by cops due to his affiliation with incarcerated Dancehall superstar.

According to the upcoming deejay, whose real name is Javian Chambers, he is being unfairly targeted by cops who have taken him in for questioning on several occasions within the last few months without any real cause.

On Wednesday the “Wul Dem” deejay was detained once again along with three other men who were traveling to the St. Catherine Adult Correctional Center in Spanish Town to visit the deejay.

The deejay says they were pulled over by cops in Spanish Town while bringing food for the entertainer. He claims the lawmen then searched vehicle and nothing was found but they were still detained for processing.

The upcoming artiste revealed that they were taken to a holding facility in Twickenham Park where they were interrogated by cops who questioned his affiliation to Vybz Kartel, cautioning him that he could be detained for up to three months if he did not cooperate.

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“Dem start to talk bout we a person of interest and then dem start to start talk bout Sikka Rhymes a Vybz Kartel cousin, and then dem start ask some questions weh me really and truly mi nuh know nothing weh dem a ask bout,” the deejay said.

The police have yet to declare the exact reasons for the deejay’s detention, however, they did declare that they are obligated to detain any person of interest under the current state of emergency in effect for the parish.

The entertainer has since called on cops to stop harassing him as he has done nothing wrong.

Sikka Rhymes says he feels he is being targeted because he is one of the few persons approved to visit the “Worl Boss.” He claims cops have now singled him out as the one carrying out orders on behalf of the deejay.