Spice is officially a meme for the history books.

A screenshot of the Dancehall entertainer savagely insulting fellow cast member Tokyo Vanity on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has gone viral.

The ‘Needle Eye’ deejay and Vanity clashed on last week’s episode of LHHATL when Spice body shamed Vanity while they were out for lunch.

In the scene, Tokyo Vanity walked into the restaurant and was offered food, however Spice quickly chimed in and said “I don’t think she wants nothing else to eat,” seemingly referring to her weight.

Tokyo then flipped out and threw her bag at Spice after she pretended she was going to leave the table.

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The footage got the attention of several entertainment bloggers who pointed out Spice’s facial expression after she slammed Vanity turning it into an instant meme classic.

The meme quickly got the attention of Shenseea who uploaded Spice’s photo and asked her fans to give a caption.“DO me a beg unu fi caption this and it afi be really PETTY! I can’t stop laughing at this expression,” the ‘Love I Got For U’ singer wrote.

“Spice commented with her best caption saying, “When you think it in your mind and it slip out your mouth and you realize… your like oooops did I say that out loud.”

Check out Spice’s comment below.

That face ?? #Spice

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