Vanessa Bling is catching some heat from the Christian community however she’s now hitting back.

Earlier this week the “Independent Ladies” singer came under fire from Christians who say she’s a hypocrite as she only remembers the lord during her times of trouble.

Bling, whose real name is Vanessa Saddler, previously claimed she had given her life to God after she was charged with conspiracy and attempting to pervert the course of justice in relation to the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

She also released a gospel single titled “Have Mercy On Me Lord” and a music video for the track while distancing herself from Vybz Kartel and his Gaza camp.

However according to Church members they haven’t seen VB in months, “Saddler don’t come to church anymore since she’s back on her high horse, she takes the lord and his house for a joke,” one Church member said. They also called on her to stop doing secular music, “If she loves God so much she should stop singing those rubbish goes and start doing Gospel,” another said.

One Instagram users also blasted the singer after she wrote, “I use to care not anymore ?.”

“It sound like u ready fi mek the devil stand up inna u like noon day sunlight, don’t mek u young hot body deceive u baby don’t mek the others hype deceive u,” the user responded.

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“Don’t the devil use to unleash demons upon the land like what: Ishawna, Dexta daps, Alkaline, Kalado, Vybze, Spice and others have made themselves willing to b used by the devil to unleash the spirit of lewdness upon the land which was already there,only thing it has been ratched up a notch up to distract ppl fr seeing that after Oct 31st this year there will b a turning point in the history of the world. Religion will unite for the worse to persecute God’s remnant (last day Church) using extreme terrorism as the scape goat to attack them. All Nations and religions will unite to persecute God’s few faithful servants that have the faith of Jesus and keep his commandments,” they added.

The comments comes days after Bling started to promote her new raunchy single “My Position.”

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However Bling is now slamming the critics saying she has a family to feed and only God can Judge her. “VB hear the chatter from Christians but that’s what they do best, they love to talk and gossip,” a source close to the former Vybz Kartel protégé said. “Many people may not know this but she works hard to take care of her family, she recently built her mother a house and a bar, she has a lot of responsibilities and Dancehall pays the bills.”

“Dem lucky, only God can Judge her, these people are always silence on the real issues but willing to bring to a hardworking independent woman,” the source added.