Unruly camp artist JaFrass recently made his own addition to Run Road Entertainment’s Mac 11 Riddim. His single, Wassy has been hitting the charts and is a favourite in the streets and party scene especially in Western Jamaican.

JaFrass made his official introduction into the industry with his debut ‘Who is JaFrass Mixtape’, produced by Notnice Records. Since then, the artist has been making his name on the dancehall scene with ‘Keep Up’, his collaboration with ‘Ishawna’, ‘New Ting Fi Badmind, Evil Side’, ‘When The Race is Over’ and ‘No More’.

Run Road Entertainment Making An Impact In Western Jamaica

It is indeed safe to say that JaFrass is on a path to success and his fans can look forward to more of his music in the near future.

The ‘Mac 11 Riddim’ also features artistes such as Govana, Teejay, Ryme Minista, Shane E, Chilando, Ricky Teetz, Jahvillani, and Prince Pin.  JaFrass’ Wassy is available on youtube via Akam Entertainment.

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