Tony Matterhorn has sought to share his side of the story after being dissed by Alkaline on Friday night.

The Veteran selector was blasted by the Vendetta deejay when he played Vybz Kartel’s ‘Highest Level’ at Alkaline’s birthday party at Club Euro in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The ‘Badness It Name’ deejay and his crew immediately stepped in and pulled the microphone from Matterhorn selector and called him out.

“Know weh yah bumbocl***t do eno,” Alkaline told Matterhorn, “Doh gwan like you wan style the thing because mi can style the thing too but fi the love of mi fans mi nah guh do that, but yah p***y fi dat weh yuh just do,” he added.

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On Saturday, Tony took to Instagram for a live session to share his side of the story. According to the ‘Dutty Wine’ hit maker Alkaline was very disrespectful however he decided to be the bigger person,  “Alkaline was very rude for calling me a p***y and if i wanted to escalate it and hurt him i could’ve done that but it’s not all the time when you have the power to hurt someone you hurt them,” he told fans.

Matterhorn added that Alkaline had nothing personal against him but wanted to send a message to Vybz Kartel and he was caught in the middle, “Alkaline nuh diss Matterhorn, Alkaline yuh diss yourself and you’re trying to diss Vybz Kartel indirectly,” he added. Watch below.

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