Tommy Lee Sparta is well known for his Gothic, often controversial lyrics but there is another side to the deejay that is hardly highlighted.

The “Psycho” deejay, whose given name is Leroy Russell, is often acknowledged for his hardcore lyrical content and controversial image but few highlight the deejay’s softer, more generous side.

For years the Dancehall superstar has been one of the leading lights in his hometown community of Flanker, regularly staging back to school treats and various other charities to assist residents.

His work often goes unnoticed but the deejay doesn’t seem to mind at all, as he claims “mi help but I don’t want credit for that… It is a good look and feeling, mi wish everybody who could do it would help.”

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Despite his numerous contributions the entertainer says he has no plans to stop there as he currently has big plans to do more for the youths within the parish of St James.

According to the deejay, he is planning to launch a charity outreach program before the end of the year which will benefit children across the parish. He reveals the plans are still in the early stages as he is still thinking about where to start.

“It woulda different from the usual. If mi do it fi di children, it just depends on when mi find out what and how fi do it,” Tommy Lee Sparta said.

Tommy Lee Sparta has been steadily creating a buzz in the past few weeks following the release of his brand new collaboration “Cut Eye” with Samantha J.