Spice’s legal team has addressed MC Nuffy’s pending lawsuit in an official statement.

Re: Statements made concerning “Nuffy” during Instagram Live post made on or around the 29th of December, 2018.

“Mr. Andrew Nelson has announced through his counsel, his intent to file a lawsuit against Ms. Grace Hamilton, also known as Spice, for defamation of character,” the statement read.

“No papers have been served on Ms. Hamilton despite these threats. Ms. Hamilton stands ready to defend the entirety of the statements she has made. In any event, the truthfulness of any comment made by her is a complete defence.”

“We have instructions to accept service of any documents filed by Mr. Nelson. But we ask all concerned to be mindful that if Ms. Hamilton is challenged by way of a lawsuit for defamation, then she will be forced to react by putting forward the elements of proof required. In doing so it might involve third parties and lead to uncomfortable results.”

“The kind of criminal offences that are being alleged have no statute of limitations on them.
And with respect to one of the offences, once a report is made to the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) it has to be investigated.”

MC Nuffy Hires Lawyer, Seeks Public Apology and Money From Spice

“Furthermore, we have instructions to countersue for the multiple defamatory statements made by Mr. Nelson concerning Ms. Hamilton. Of particular consternation to our client are the boorish and false comments he has made about being in a relationship with her, among other things that have been bandied about in social media.”

“We too are extending the proverbial “olive branch” to Mr. Nelson, that if he wishes to speak to us we will be more than happy to speak with him and his counsel. Of course, practitioners at the bar are mindful that once suit is filed, a matter becomes sub judice, meaning that comments thereafter are to be limited.”