Spice is hitting back at recording artist Stylez following his recent allegations that she stole his lyrics and video idea.

The popular female entertainer came under from Stylez earlier this month following the release of her latest three music videos. Shortly after Spice dropped the visuals, Stylez took to social media calling her out for copying two of the concepts from his original work.

“So a fan just send me dis. And den dem act like dem don’t know who me be, when a me inspire dem! Hahaha I know I inspire a lot of you artistes, producers, video directors etc. Just acknowledge the thing ..,” he captioned a collage on Instagram.

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Spice who says she wasn’t going to address the situation as she believes Stylez is just looking to use her name to gain attention online, says its impossible for her to jack his style because he’s unknown to her.

“I don’t even know who that person [Stylez] is,” she said. “Don’t see how you could inspire my creativity when I’ve never even heard of you.”

Spice says the only similarities between the two is the location which she claims she discovered from Konshens and not Stylez, “I fell in love with that location that was used in Konshens music video and asked where it was,” she said. “That’s how I got that location so this ‘Stylez’ person is unknown to me actually. Nah look pan the boy.”