Spice is forever a savage as we clocked her response to IamStylez.

Over the weekend Stylez called out the Dancehall artist for allegedly stealing his flow and video concept following the releases of her  “Hooku Wine”, “Couple Up” and “Robot Wine” music videos.

“So a fan just send mi dis ??‍♂️. And den dem act like dem don’t know Who me be, when a me inspire Dem!!,” the Deejay captioned a collage showing his video and Spice’s. “Hahahha I know I inspire a lot of you fellow artist, producers, video directors, artist etc Just acknowledge the thing !! Hahha . Big up every young artist out there doing u ting just keep hustling cuz your time soon fwd!! STYLEZ SEH DAT!,” he added.

On Monday the newly crowned “Queen of Dancehall” shared that “Robot Wine” was currently the number one trending video on YouTube, she also used the opprounity to troll IamStylez.

Spice’s director Xtreme arts took shots saying, “Number one [Spice], some a dem never get that…. Dem a gwan like a dem own the dirt, stone and land,” Spice then responded saying, “[Xtreme arts] Not even see dem [Bad Video] a kill dem.”